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April 27th is “Tell a Story Day” so we wanted to share our favorite stories with you.

My National Story Day by Toby Lewis

I was born in the 70's, when video games consisted of pong and most of us watched TV through the technology of an antenna. This story relates to the latter! My brother was six years older than I and leveraged every advantage that came with it.

I remember one evening watching CHiPs when the TV picture turned to rainbows and in text stated “Please Stand By, technical difficulties.” I was an avid CHiPs fan and very frustrated to say the least. My brother told me that one of us had to stand by the TV before it would come back on. I'm sure I balked at first until he told me to read what it said on the TV.

I stood by the TV for a few minutes and the show miraculously came back on. I did it, I was the man, as he cheered me on! We finished watching the show, but that stuck with me, I guess.

For the next several months when the TV would falter I would run to its side and “Stand by” until it would come back on. After this happened consecutively for many nights, my dad asked me what I was doing (my brother was quickly exiting the room with a smirk). When I told him that somebody had to “stand by the TV” because that was what was written on the screen, the entire family started laughing, and then my mom explained what Please Stand By really meant.

If you have an older sibling, I'm sure you can relate. I hope you enjoyed my story and I would enjoy hearing your favorite story!

My National Story Day by Brian Higdon

My family has recently endured a stomach bug. This prompted me to tell them about the time I was driving back to Morehead State after a weekend at home.

On a cold, February Sunday night, I jumped in my 1967 Chevelle (that I had driven all through high school and continued to drive while in college) to head back to Morehead from my visit at our home in Bloomfield. My friends, Toby and Bryant made the ride back with me that night.

Thirty minutes into the drive I wasn't feeling well and decided to stop at the end of the Bluegrass Parkway to get something to drink. After the quick stop we were back on the road. Generally, I kept a pretty good pace on the Parkway and I-64. We had started the stretch from Lexington to Morehead on I-64 and my stomach was feeling worse. I remember telling the guys I was going to have to stop, but before I could, a rush came up from my stomach and I lost my lunch and supper all over the dash of my car and myself, while driving 85 mph!! I whipped the car into the emergency lane. I am still surprised the police were not called. I guess the people driving by at 75mph didn't notice the half-naked guy standing on the side of a major interstate in the freezing cold.

I managed to get my clothes changed, thanks to Bryant for letting me borrow some of his clothes and felt much better. Even though I felt much better, the rest of the ride was not pleasant for any of us as the heater in the old car just kept recirculating the pungent smell of my regurgitated lunch and supper. Was it food poisoning or perhaps a stomach bug like my kids have just had, who knows. I hope you enjoyed my story and I would enjoy hearing your favorite story!