Patrick Portman

Patrick Portman

Financial Planner, CFP®

Patrick Portman is a Retirement Planner and Advisor with Thoroughbred Asset Management in Bardstown, KY. He specializes in working with small business owners and individuals within 10 years from their retirement. He received his Bachelors Degree at the Certified Financial Planner Board Registered Program at Western Kentucky University. Patrick was recognized as having the highest overall GPA within the Gordon Ford College of Business in his graduating class. This academic success has translated into Patrick being a valuable member of the Thoroughbred Asset Management Team.

Patrick currently lives in Bardstown, KY and is a fully licensed financial advisor helping clients in Kentucky and Indiana. Patrick's focus is to educate his clients and empower them to make their retirement plans center around their passions. His main passion involves making memories with his wife Page and dog Lila. He is a strong believer in making memories through experiences and meeting as many people as possible in this life. 

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